CAROUSEL with Minnesota Orchestra

Robert Neu stages a strong production — not semi-staged, as the orchestra usually presents such works, but a fully staged rendition that serves the play and the audience well.  -  Star Tribune, 2015
... features tightly choreographed movement, cleverly concocted stage business and vivid characterizations throughout the cast...  Neu production's customary energy and ensemble of richly developed characters... It's an entertaining staging.  - Pioneer Press, 2015
I'm not sure what's "semi" about this staging, other than the absence of large set pieces, which are not missed. The small set pieces (benches, crates, and darling hand-held but almost full size carousel horses) are really all that's needed to hint at the scene, There's nothing "semi" about (the) lovely costumes, which include the working folks' garb, a wide range of carnival costumes, and ballerina Louise's light and flowy dress with matching jacket. Nothing "semi" about the choreography with the ensemble ably performing charming group dance numbers. And the staging makes good use of the area behind and in front of the orchestra... a gorgeous production.  -  Cherry and Spoon, 2015